Here at Fiber Roofing we believe in delivering the best value to all of our stakeholders. Just as “it takes a village to raise a child,” it takes the efforts of many people to create high quality gazebos and thatched roofs. From our thatching professionals, to our timber processing team, to our support staff; many people put their heart and soul into building our products. But simply manufacturing products and sending them out to customers is not enough in our industry, if you want your clients to succeed. This is something that many roofing manufacturers unfortunately don’t address.

We fully realize, that many people who are not part of our factory also play a role in the satisfaction of our clients. For example, we have an elite team of independent agents who help clients select the most suitable products for their venue. Then we have our installation team that travels around the world to oversee installation to highest standards. And most importantly, the strategic choices of our clients play a huge role in their ultimate satisfaction of the project.

And here’s the problem that most roof manufacturers run into; if their salespeople, clients and architects don’t fully understand the manufacturing techniques and product attributes; how can they select the most suitable product? If all they do is focus on selling and shipping, how can they make sure that they’re giving the client what the client truly needs? If the agents don’t understand the unique properties of the products, then they certainly have no logical way of selecting the best fit!

So we decided to do something different from other roofing manufacturers: we built our own training facility where our agents and installation specialists (and even clients) can get the training they need to truly understand our products! It was such a simple solution, but it makes a huge difference for our clients’ success.

For example, all of our agents receive rigorous hands-on training in this facility, so they can truly understand what makes our products different, and how our manufacturing methods affect the final result of an installation. Our agents have the opportunity to learn about synthetic thatching, timber processing, and potential installation issues. But we don’t just stop there. Our agents are educated about different environmental factors and how various products in our offering react in different climates. Further, the training center has specimens of all our structures already assembled, so the agents gain a thorough feel for the products before helping clients select the most appropriate one.

This facility also helps our installation team to consistently hone their skills and find new solutions to complete projects quickly and efficiently. It was in one of our earlier training facilities that our team experimented with different installation techniques and developed our first DIY Kits.

And of course, clients are always welcome to visit our training center. If you’re building out your hotel or resort, stopping by to see how we do things and checking out some of our assembled gazebos can be a huge help in selecting the best products for your project. We’ll give you a tour of our factory, show you some of the methods that have made our products so durable, and you’ll get to see with your own eyes what your venue might look like after the job is complete. It will be fun!

If you’d like to take a tour, or have any questions at all, we’re just a mouse-click away. Just fill out the contact form or give us a call at (+27) 11 903 9204.