The FR-MO Boards has been designed according to specifications provided by the Fiber Roofing team to be used as sub roof material with the Fiber Roofing range of Fiber Synthetic Tiles.

  • The FR-MO Board is 1000 degrees Celsius -Class A1 fire-resistant board.
  • The FR-MO Board is a technologically advanced building material that offers superior performance in every category when compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement-based products.
  • The FR-MO Board is virtually impervious to fire, water, insects; does not feed mold or mildew, is non-toxic, non-combustible; is durable, maintains its dimensional stability even when wet; and, has exceptional bonding surface.
  • The FR-MO Board is a mineral-based green builder product and is a homogeneous-no de-lamination product.
  • The Recommended boards is: Width -1220 mm (48’’), Length -2700 mm (106’’) and Thickness – 9 mm (0.35’’)

Fiber FR-MO Board Has Outstanding Characteristics:

  • Outstanding fire performance
  • Insulation against heat and cold
  • Sound insulation
  • Damp proof
  • Tough
  • Protected against insects
  • Simple, easy and swift construction
  • Easy to decorate, cut, bore, plane and shear
  • Durable
  • 100% Free of harmful substances (e.g. asbestos)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Moisture proof

Technical Data

Apparent Density 950 – 1100kg/m³ JC688-206
Moister Content ≤10% JC688-206
Percentage of Dry Shrinkage ≤1.2% JC688-206
Percentage of Water Swelling ≤0.34% JC688-206
Screw Withdrawal Force ≥70N/mm JC688-206
Dehalogenation Resistance No water or moisture created JC688-206
Content of Chloride Ion ≤ 8% JC688-206
Fireproof Performance Al Non-flammability GB862-2006
Fire Resistance Time >2h A 90mm thick partition with 6mm MgO board on both sides of steel.
Fire Resistance Time >4h A 90mm thick partition with 6mm MgO board on both sides of steel.
Sound Insulation >42dB 9mm MgO Board + 75mm keel + Rockwool
Bending Strength >20MP’s 6mm
Impacting Strength >5.5Kj/m² 6mm
Environment No Radiation; No Asbestos; Formaldehyde Free GB656-2001
Water Permeability No moisture or water CECS95:97
Alkali Resistance CECS95:97
Thermal Conductivity 0.109 Average Temperature: 90±5֠C
Colour White; Grey and Pink
Surface Texture Smooth one side; uniform machine textures back